Planning your Temporary Heating for Winter

Planning your Temporary Heating for Winter

Construction sites, farms and other businesses rely on propane-fired temp heat.

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The nights in Springerville, Snowflake, Magdalena, Quemado and other Arizona and New Mexico communities are getting pretty frigid these days. If you run a business that conducts overnight operations outdoors, then temporary heating is a must.

At Sierra Propane, we help work sites, agricultural businesses and other commercial clients stay efficient, comfortable and profitable with propane-fired temp heat. Here are some reasons our customers appreciate the outdoor comfort propane provides.

Propane heat ensures reliable temperature control.

Propane generates a lot of heat — 91,452 Btu per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

This superior heat generation means propane heating equipment can warm air to 120°F or higher. That’s way more than an electric model can manage. Why is this so essential? In our part of the country, winter temperatures can swing widely between day and night. These fluctuations cause paint, plaster, cement and drywall mud to crack and fracture. Dependable propane heat will prevent this and ensure a building site stays on track and under budget.

Sustained freezing temperatures may create ice in pipes and ruin plants in greenhouses. They can severely affect the comfort and safety of employees. Animals in barns and other outbuildings need proper heating, too. Propane-powered temporary heat brings peace of mind across the board.

Propane heat is clean.

Propane produces reliable and robust heat while keeping the air around you cleaner than other energy sources. Propane is green. It has a lower carbon intensity (CI) score than diesel or gasoline. Additionally, propane’s CI is far lower than the grid electricity generated in Arizona and New Mexico, which relies heavily on coal and natural gas.

Propane is also safe for the air quality and your employees. It emits no methane, virtually no particulate matter and very little nitrogen or sulfur oxide.

Propane is affordable.

Finally, propane temporary heat is better for your bottom line. Propane is a largely American-made fuel, which insulates it quite a bit from global energy markets. Propane’s per gallon rate is consistently lower (and more stable) than diesel and gasoline. Propane burns incredibly efficiently in temporary heating equipment, meaning that almost every cent of your fuel dollar goes to keeping your workers and site warm, not out an exhaust vent.

Sierra Propane covers all your temp heat needs.

No company in our region has a better track record of heating commercial sites safely than Sierra Propane. We not only offer reliable, responsive commercial propane delivery , but we also sell, rent, install and service temporary heating equipment. Work sites and farms love our top-of-the-line portable salamander heaters. You can trust our expert team to right-size your heating solution, install your equipment and connect it to your propane tank safely.

Need suspended heaters? Sierra Propane sells and installs them to your exact specifications.

The friendly technicians at Sierra Propane are ready to help solve your outdoor heating issues. Please take a moment to contact us and get started.