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Propane Delivery in New Mexico and Arizona

The Sierra Propane team will make sure your tank is always full!

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When propane powers your home’s heating, hot water and appliances, you can feel confident that you have an efficient fuel that keeps working even if the electric grid goes out. Of course, you also need to be sure that you have a reliable propane delivery partner. Sierra Propane wants to be that partner.

For four decades, the Sierra team has ensured that homes in Arizona and New Mexico stay warm and comfortable. We’ve kept water heaters humming, gas ranges cooking and outdoor firepits flickering into the night.

Whether you’re in Snowflake, AZ, Magdalena, NM, or one of the many communities in between, we want to be your go-to propane provider!

Enjoy total peace of mind with Auto Fill

There’s never a good time to run out of propane, but some moments are far worse than others. When it’s a frigid winter night, or you’re about to host guests, you can’t afford to be without heat, hot water or a working kitchen.

With our Auto Fill delivery option, you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel again. You don’t even need to contact us. The team at Sierra Propane will use weather forecasts and the types of propane appliances in your home to determine your usage. With this calculation, we can determine when you’re going to run low and dispatch one of our drivers to deliver your propane.

Auto Fill is the ultimate no-stress propane delivery option. There is no additional fee to participate, and you do not need to purchase extra fuel.

If that’s not enough reason to enroll — Auto Fill customers also pay a lower rate for their propane versus Will Call customers!

And if you want even more confidence in tracking your propane levels, consider having us install a propane tank monitor. With wireless monitoring, both you and Sierra Propane can monitor your fuel levels in real time!

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Countless families and businesses trust Sierra Propane since 1983. We want to serve your family, too!

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Will Call delivery

If you prefer to check your own propane tank levels, Sierra Propane also offers a Will Call program that allows you to order fuel only when you need it. Please consider that you will be responsible for keeping track of your fuel levels. We can generally complete your Will Call delivery within a week to 10 days, so be sure to contact us when your tank is around 30 percent full.

We have found that Will Call is best if you only use propane for one or two appliances — for example, a fireplace or a patio heater.

Our superior service guarantee

Whether you receive your propane via Automatic Delivery or Will Call, you can rest assured that our dedicated, professional drivers will get you the fuel you need promptly, safely and without undue disruption to your life.

We’ve been delivering fuel to homes and businesses in New Mexico and Arizona for four decades. Generations of customers trust us to keep them warm, safe and assured of their comfort. As we always promise, our family serves your family.

Are you looking for a propane partner you can count on? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line today!