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At Sierra Propane, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. We know how important it is to receive fuel for your home’s heating, hot water, cooking and other major appliances. And just like we want you to feel confident that you’ll always have the propane you need, we also want you to know you’re getting a fair price for your fuel.

That’s why we’re always transparent in our propane pricing. It’s also why we offer convenient, adaptable programs to provide you with the best pricing possible and make your payments stress-free.

We offer the following pricing and payment options to our customers.

Sierra Advantage

When you heat your home with propane, most of your energy expenses fall in four or five months around winter. These months can wreak havoc on your home finances! With our free Sierra Advantage budget program, you spread your annual usage out into 12 low monthly payments. You’ll always know exactly what you’ll pay for fuel, and your winter bills will be cut in half!

And don’t worry about overpaying for fuel. We will recalculate your account every three months to adjust the rate as market prices change. In the end, you’ll only pay for the propane you receive at the price on the date it was delivered – not a penny more.

Please note that enrollment in Sierra Advantage requires Auto Fill delivery. Contact us today!

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Sierra Advantage Lock

We can also help you lock in your rate at the beginning of the season and not have to worry about propane prices increasing. With Sierra Advantage Lock, you freeze your rate per gallon and divide the annual expense across 12 even monthly payments.

This program includes a modest one-time fee and requires enrollment in Auto Fill delivery. Contact us today!

Sierra Advantage Plus

This plan is similar to Sierra Advantage, but it also caps the price you’ll pay for propane. You’ll never pay more per gallon than the agreed-upon cap, but this plan allows you to benefit if fuel prices go down. If propane rates drop below the cap, you’ll pay the lower rate!

Sierra Advantage Plus includes a small monthly fee and requires enrollment in Auto Fill delivery. Contact us today!

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Sierra Reserve

One payment takes care of your entire winter’s supply of propane — no need to make multiple payments. Sierra will store your Reserve propane and deliver it when you need it. You can be confident that you have the fuel you need at a locked-in price.


We know life keeps you busy. We want to make paying your Sierra Propane bill a lot easier. Forget about writing a check, finding a stamp and relying on the postal service to get us your payment on time. With Auto-Pay, Sierra automatically deducts your payment from your checking account or credit card. And Auto-Pay customers enjoy an additional discount on propane deliveries! Sign up today!

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