Is Propane a Liquid or Gas?

Propane is versatile, efficient and eco-friendly!

propane Eagar, AZ If you use propane in your Arizona or New Mexico home, you might have heard it referred to as “liquid propane” or “liquid petroleum gas.” This might seem contradictory. How can something be both a liquid and a gas?

At Sierra Propane, our team has extensive knowledge about this versatile, efficient fuel. We’re always happy to discuss where propane comes from, what it’s made of and how it’s used.

Propane — liquid or gas?

Propane can exist as both a liquid or a gas depending upon the temperature and the pressure on it. When you need to store or transport propane, you place it in a compressed container — a portable cylinder, home propane tank or propane delivery truck, for example — where it’s in a liquid state.

When you need to use propane in a home heating system, water heater, grill or other gas-fired product, pressure is relieved, and it reverts to its gaseous state. It then travels through a gas line to an appliance’s burner, where it ignites and produces a flame.

Where does propane come from?

Conventional propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction or oil refining. More than 70% of propane in the U.S. comes from natural gas production. When we extract natural gas from a well, heavier petroleum fuels, including propane, butane and ethane, come with it. These fuels are separated to prevent condensation on natural gas pipes. They’re then packaged for separate distribution.
When crude oil is refined to produce gasoline, diesel and other distillates, propane is separated as a lighter petroleum product.

An increasing amount of U.S. propane comes from renewable sources like used cooking oil, municipal waste, plant oils, woody biomass, and animal fats. This renewable propane is even more eco-friendly than conventional propane (which is already a low-emissions energy source), but it can be used in propane equipment without modification. Look for renewable propane’s production footprint to grow in the coming years.

How is propane used?

Propane is an exceptionally efficient and versatile energy source. Because it’s stored in on-site tanks, it offers fantastic energy independence. Households in Eagar, Snowflake and other communities in our service area count on propane for a range of home products, including the following:

Beyond its residential uses, propane is also a popular commercial fuel, powering forklifts, farm equipment, temporary heating for construction sites and other business functions.

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