How Long Will My Propane Supply Last?

How Long Will My Propane Supply Last?

A look at the fuel’s shelf life

propane Eagar, AZ We all know the old saying “nothing lasts forever”. There are probably plenty of times when you wish this wasn’t true. So you may be happy to hear that this saying doesn’t necessarily apply to propane.

A look at propane’s shelf life

Anyone who uses propane will probably be happy to know that the shelf life of propane is pretty much unlimited. Even as it ages chronologically, it does not deteriorate, lose combustibility or foster microorganisms. This holds true even if it’s been sitting in a propane tank for a long period of time. This is simply not the case when it comes to traditional gasoline, diesel fuel or heating oil.

A look at a propane tank’s shelf life

While propane fuel can pretty much last a lifetime, the same cannot be said for propane tanks. While propane tanks can last up to about 30 years if you take good care of them, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Exactly how many years you can get out of a propane tank depends on a few different elements. These factors include:

A propane tank’s levels

Even though propane itself can last indefinitely, the same cannot be said for the level of propane in your tank at a time. In fact, propane tanks should only ever be 80% full at a given time as a safety precaution. This gives propane the room it needs to expand as the outdoor temperature increases (remember that propane is in liquid form when in a propane tank so expansion occurs naturally).

Therefore we always recommend that you order your next supply of propane when your tank hits the 30% mark. That gives you some time to arrange delivery without having to worry about running out of the fuel completely.

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