Fuel Efficiency Tips for Propane Forklifts

Keep your equipment moving effectively

propane forklift Snowflake, AZ
There is more to properly using and operating a forklift than simply turning it on and off and driving it safely from point A to point B. It is equally important to know how to use the machinery efficiently and effectively so that you can get the most out of your forklift propane.

Businesses that use forklifts

The list of businesses and industries that count on forklifts and forklift propane to get their day-to-day duties done is quite extensive. Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for:

While these industries and businesses differ, our guess it that anyone who uses a forklift in their place of work to get a job done wants to be getting that job as efficiently as possible.

Ways to increase the efficiency of propane forklifts

The good news is that propane itself is an incredibly efficient fuel. The better news is that there are things forklift operators can do to make their propane-powered forklifts even more efficient.

Here are some suggestions that will help you get the most out of your forklifts and your forklift propane:

Propane forklifts are able to operate at their full capacity until their forklift propane is completely gone (this is different than electric forklifts which slow down as their battery power dies down). You can help them operate at peak efficiency by following the above helpful tips!

Sierra Propane as your forklift cylinder provider

If your Arizona or New Mexico based business needs to power forklifts, know that you can count on the professionals at Sierra Propane to help. We’ve been delivering propane throughout the region for 40 years and will be happy to be your forklift cylinder provider!

Our team can set up a safe and convenient propane cylinder station right at your work site and train all your employees to use it safely and correctly. Alternatively, we offer a forklift cylinder exchange program where we can arrange an automatic exchange schedule for you to swap out your cylinders.

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