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Did you know that hot water accounts for about 20 percent of the average U.S. home’s energy usage? That’s a big chunk of your annual home budget. It makes sense to have the most efficient water heating system, and propane is the most efficient fuel around!

A high-performing propane water heater does wonders for your quality of life. No one likes a lukewarm shower or checking their watch while waiting for the hot water tap to warm up.

For households in Arizona and New Mexico, Sierra Propane is the most trusted full-service provider of water heater service and installation. Our technicians are certified to install and repair high-efficiency products from leading manufacturer Rinnai.

We want to help you kick up your home’s hot water production to the next level. We can even help you save money on installation (see the manufacturer’s rebate offer at the bottom of this page). It’s all part of Sierra’s family looking after yours.

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Don’t delay if you need a water heater replacement

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Have you noticed any of these issues with your water taps or hot water appliance?

These could be the warning signs that an old water heater is nearing retirement. The average water heater lasts between 8 and 12 years. It’s crucial that you contact us quickly if you notice any of the issues above.

Our technicians might be able to fix these issues with a simple water heater repair. However, it could also be time to replace your equipment. If you’re proactive in switching to a new water heater, we can easily secure your preferred equipment and make the change with minimal interruption to your hot water.

If you wait until your current water heater breaks down, you might be looking at days without hot water. Our team will work fast to help you out — but we’re always limited about supply chain and transportation issues.

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Countless families and businesses trust Sierra Propane since 1983. We want to serve your family, too!

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Sierra also does tankless water heater installations!

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Propane water heaters are some of the most efficient, fast-heating and eco-friendly systems out there. They heat water twice as fast as electric models and cost around 30 percent less to operate!

Propane tankless water heaters are even more effective and cost-effective

Tankless water heaters like the Rinnai products we sell and install offer virtually unlimited hot water on demand. A sensor tells the unit when a hot water tap is opened, and a powerful propane flame heats water as needed. When the tap closes, the flame goes off. This offers significant energy savings and daily benefits:

Comprehensive water heater maintenance with Aqua Shield

Like your home’s heating system, your water heater needs regular maintenance. Arranging a yearly tune-up will keep your hot water system working efficiently, extend its lifespan and catch minor issues that could lead to breakdowns if left unattended. Tune-ups are often required to stay in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty. If you skip yours, you could be required to cover a repair down the line.

Have a natural gas water heater that needs a propane conversion? The Sierra team can help! Contact us for an in-home consultation.

With local offices in Springerville, Snowflake, Magdalena and other towns, there’s always a Sierra technician nearby to help. To best ensure that your water heater works at peak performance, consider protecting it with an Aqua Shield service plan.

Ready to upgrade your water heater? Contact Sierra Propane today!