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We sell, install and service top-quality propane space heaters in Arizona and New Mexico

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Are there certain rooms in your home that just can’t stay warm on the coldest winter nights? Maybe there’s a converted attic, a sunroom or a home office that is always chilly while the rest of the home is comfortable. What about detached workshops, studios, garages and guest houses?

Families in Navajo, Apache, Catron, Cibola and Socorro counties frequently come to us looking for robust, cost-effective space heating solutions for these stubborn spaces. And we can always find the ideal solution. We sell, install and repair propane-powered space heaters from leading manufacturers, including Cozy, Comfort Glow and Empire.

Quality heat for any room or space

Many people mistakenly believe that if a room has no ductwork, vents, floorboards or radiators, it can’t be heated with propane. Too often, they settle for an ineffective electric heater and a thick sweater and socks.

But the direct-vent and unvented space heaters we install create robust, high-quality heat that’s on par with what you get from a forced-air furnace system. Even better, the heat is fantastically adaptable. We can install a single propane space heater for one room or set up a multiroom system.

Our heating experts will survey your home with you and determine what kind of propane space heating is right for you. These products can be installed quickly — in less than a day, generally — and then you won’t have any more chattering teeth in your own home.

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Differentiating direct-vent and unvented space heaters

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Another point of confusion for customers looking for an effective space heater is understanding the difference between a direct-vent and an unvented propane space heater. If you’ve never shopped for one, it’s essential to understand how these products are different. Then, you can determine which is better for your space.

So, here is a breakdown of how a direct-vent heater differs from an unvented heater:

Direct-vent propane space heater

Unvented propane space heater

The team at Sierra Propane can assist you in selecting the finest heating product for your home. We’ll make sure they’re set up securely and quickly, and our specialists are always available for maintenance and repairs.

At Sierra Propane, we’re always ready to help with your home comfort. It’s our family serving your family. Become a customer today.