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Sierra Propane Service Plans

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No one ever plans for their heating equipment or water heater to break down. We don’t expect a gas line to become damaged. Unfortunately, when these problems do arise, they can lead to expensive repairs. Sierra Propane’s team is always ready to help you during a no-heat emergency, regardless of whether or not you’re a regular customer.

Still, if you want maximum peace of mind, you should consider enrolling in a Sierra Propane service plan. They’re affordable and offer protection so you can feel 100 percent confident in your home comfort.

Heat Shield

Heat Shield offers guaranteed service for your home heating equipment. Yearly maintenance is crucial for keeping your system working at peak efficiency.

With Heat Shield, you receive:

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Aqua Shield

Your home’s hot water system will also benefit from annual maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners only realize they’ve neglected service for their water heater when it breaks down and must be replaced. You can protect your tank water heater with Aqua Shield. This plan offers:

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Line Shield

Propane leaks from the ground line of your system can cost more than $1,000 to repair. When you protect yourself with Line Shield, Sierra’s service professionals will preemptively inspect your ground line to ensure the safety and integrity of the system. You’ll rest easy knowing your gas lines are safe, and you don’t risk a sudden big repair bill.

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When you combine all three of these service plans as Home Shield, you’ll enjoy total protection for your propane systems and additional savings on enrollment. Drop us a line to discuss rates and enrolling.