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Top-quality cooking options for households in Arizona and New Mexico

When it comes to cooking, nothing beats a gas cooktop, range or oven. In fact, 96 percent of professional chefs say they prefer cooking with gas over electric appliances. At Sierra Propane, we’ve seen countless homeowners in New Mexico and Arizona make the change to a propane-fired kitchen.

And why wouldn’t they? Here are just a few advantages of propane cooking:

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Install a top-of-the-line gas range

Are you building a new home that you intend to power with propane? Is your current range reaching the end of its lifespan?

Contact the team at Sierra Propane, and we’ll discuss your options for installing a new, top-tier propane range. We install and service products from top manufacturers — including Unique, our partner for off-grid appliances.

We’ll find the range that fits your home and budget, install it promptly and connect it to your propane tank safely. In no time, you’ll be cooking gourmet meals on your new gas range!

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Convert your oven, range or cooktop to propane

If you’ve purchased a natural gas range, cooktop or oven, our trained and experienced technicians can convert your appliance for propane. It’s a quick, nondisruptive process that we’ve done countless times.

Get in touch with our propane appliances team to set up an appointment today.

Maintenance and repairs for your propane oven, cooktop or stove

Like all gas-fired products, your kitchen appliances benefit from regular service to keep functioning efficiently and safely. We have Arizona offices in Eagar, Springerville and Snowflake, and New Mexico offices in Magdalena and Quemado. A Sierra Propane technician can easily travel to your home for maintenance or repairs.

If your propane range or cooktop has difficulty lighting or you notice a flame that is not blue, contact your local Sierra Propane office. This could mean that the propane is not burning fully. As a result, you might be using more propane than necessary to cook. Or there could be gas accumulation near your range, oven or cooktop. A Sierra technician will be able to identify the issue and fix it.

Don’t settle for sub-standard cooking in your home. Our team is always available to help you find a suitable kitchen propane product. Reach out to us to arrange a consultation.