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Our team sells, installs and services propane-powered ranges, refrigerators and freezers

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One of the most appealing benefits of propane is that it doesn’t rely on a utility. So many of Sierra Propane’s customers value this independence, and we’re proud to offer them a slate of propane-powered off-grid products from the industry leader Unique Appliances.

Unique brand ranges, refrigerators and freezers are built to work entirely on propane, without any electricity necessary. You can enjoy superior performance without having to worry about a power outage. And their stylish, timeless designs add flare to any kitchen space.

If you’re interested in total independence from the power grid, come to a Sierra office in Springerville, Snowflake, Quemado or one of our other locations in Arizona and New Mexico. You’ll be amazed at Unique’s high-quality products.

Electricity-free refrigerators and freezers

We install and repair a range of propane-powered refrigerators ranging in size from 3 to 22 cubic feet. Unique Appliances’ products use a sealed system of water, liquid ammonia and hydrogen gas. Propane warms the water and ammonia, starting a cooling cycle through coils in the appliance. So, your food will stay fresh and cool without electricity!

We also install propane-powered freezers that range from 2 to 6 cubic feet.

These spacious, dependable products come in a variety of sleek finishes. They’re incredibly safe, with gas alarms and automatic shut-offs in case of a malfunction.

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Our propane cooking ranges need no electric power

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Unfortunately, many gas-fired appliances still rely on electricity to function. If the power goes out, you might be unable to use them.

That isn’t the case with a Unique Appliances propane range. These top-of-the-line cooking ranges produce excellent flames in any situation, with high performance, efficiency and maximum temperature control. They’re also stunningly designed. You can opt for a modern finish or a range of colorful vintage looks.

And the Sierra team will ensure that your off-grid refrigerator, freezer or cooking range goes in quickly and safely. Our technicians are trained and experienced in installing and servicing propane appliances. We’ll get your new appliance in place and connected to your tank so you can return to enjoying your kitchen.

See all the possibilities an off-grid appliance can offer to your independent lifestyle. Get in touch with Sierra Propane to learn more!