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Gas Fireplace Installation

Sierra Propane installs and services vented and ventless gas fireplace inserts and gas logs

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When the winter nights get chilly in Arizona and New Mexico, nothing beats a toasty fire in the comfort of your living room. Unfortunately, many homes do not have functional fireplaces.

And even if you do have a working hearth, it can be a serious pain to get a wood fire going. You need to carry in the wood, get on your hands and knees to light the fire and continue getting up to add more logs. Then, when it’s time for bed, you need to make sure all the embers are extinguished. And don’t forget about ruining your clothes while cleaning up the ashes!

Luckily, Sierra Propane has the ideal solution for a lovely fire and a little extra heat in the winter. We sell, install, service and repair propane gas fireplace inserts and other hearth products. Whether you have a fireplace or not, we can find an attractive supplemental heat product for you!

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Vented gas fireplace products

Is there an unused hearth in your home that just collects dust and lets in a draft through the flue? When was the last time you even considered building a fire in there?

The Sierra team can bring your hearth to life with a premium gas fireplace log set or insert. These energy-efficient products offer stunning, warming flames without the mess or labor. All you need to do is push a button, and the room lights up with a roaring fire. One more button push and the flames go out.

It’s a much safer option for your home, too. You don’t risk loose embers or logs falling into your living space. And propane burns incredibly cleanly, with none of the soot or fine particulate matter that burning wood emits.

Ventless gas fireplace inserts

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No fireplace in your home? No worries!

Sierra Propane also offers a range of vent-free fireplace products that we can install in your living space — or in a hearth with a sealed chimney. They have all the same heating and aesthetic benefits as a vented fireplace appliance. We’ll work with you to find a product that fits safely into your living space.

Our expert technicians can get your hearth appliance installed, and anytime you need gas fireplace maintenance, we are here to help. We do burner cleanings and diagnostic checks, plus we perform any necessary repairs to keep your hearth warm and gorgeous.

The team at Sierra Propane is ready to help you upgrade your fireplace with a propane insert or gas log. Contact us for more information.