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Temporary Heat Solutions

Sierra Propane offers a range of temporary heat services for New Mexico and Arizona businesses

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With 40 years of service in countless New Mexico and Arizona communities — including Springerville, Snowflake, Magdalena and Quemado — Sierra Propane understands the importance of powerful, reliable heating. And we provide fuel for home heating systems, space heaters and large-scale business setups.

For farms, construction sites and other outdoor or temporary workspaces, we are proud to offer propane for temporary heat, as well as temporary heat equipment rentals. These heating solutions ensure the comfort and safety of your crews and employees. They also provide crucial temperature control to keep plants growing, cattle safe, goods intact and construction on schedule.

Temporary heating sales, rentals and installations

Temperatures can fluctuate wildly in this part of the country, especially in the winter. If you run a business with a significant outdoor component, you need to account for daytime temperatures in the 60s and evenings at or below zero in the winter.

When the mercury starts dropping, nothing warms an otherwise frigid space quite like propane. A propane heater will heat the air to 120°F or higher! Electric models struggle to get hotter than human body temperature. Plus, propane burns incredibly cleanly, with virtually no particulate matter, nitrogen oxide or sulfur oxide — so your workers can breathe easy!

Sierra Propane rents and sells portable salamander heaters. We’ll work with you to determine the best number and configuration of temporary heat products. Then, our team will install them promptly and safely and connect them to your propane storage tank. We also have suspended heaters available for purchase, and we can install them for you!

And if you have your own propane-fired heaters, we can connect them to a tank sized to meet your needs. Trust our expert heating technicians to find an effective, economical solution for your business and implement it right the first time!

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Temporary heat services for agricultural businesses

Our team has the experience and knowledge to handle even the most complex agricultural heating setup. Whether you need to heat a cowshed, henhouse, greenhouse or another outbuilding, we’ll create a versatile, right-sized temporary heat plan.

We also have extensive experience with the unique heating requirements of cannabis growing. Feel free to contact us with any questions about space-heating equipment. We will get you set up and growing fast!

Temporary heat for building sites

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We get it — construction projects have hard timelines. Your crew must complete work by a set deadline, regardless of the weather. Temporary heat plays a significant role in ensuring you meet your deadlines.

The powerful, efficient, cost-effective salamander heaters we offer can ensure that:

Don’t wait to safeguard your site against sudden and dangerous temperature drops. Sierra Propane has the equipment you need, and we’ll customize our temporary heat services to match your business’s needs.

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