Propane Autogas

A greener, safer, more efficient way to fuel vehicles in Arizona and New Mexico

Whether you need to fuel landscaping equipment, fleet vehicles, school buses or any number of other light-, medium- or heavy-duty on-road vehicles, propane autogas offers a solution that is cleaner than gasoline and diesel and more convenient than electricity.

For businesses and municipalities in New Mexico and Arizona, no autogas supplier is more trusted than Sierra Propane. We can get you up and running fast with onsite autogas storage and pump equipment.

Vehicle fueling solutions by Sierra Propane

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The Sierra Propane autogas team has created fueling solutions for fleet vehicles in both private and public sectors, including school buses, public transportation buses, mowers and other landscaping equipment. We have installation procedures down to a science. Once you’re ready to install your autogas equipment, Sierra will:

The benefits of autogas

Are you thinking about going green but don’t want to make a move to electric vehicles and equipment? Propane is a fantastic alternative fuel that lowers your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. Consider these tremendous benefits of autogas:

  1. Propane autogas vehicles produce significantly fewer nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions than diesel and gasoline vehicles. You’re curbing climate change and reducing the risk of breathing ailments for your drivers.
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  3. Autogas dispensers are convenient, intuitive and take considerably less time to refill than an electric vehicle takes to recharge.
  4. Propane is domestically produced and plentiful — shielding your company from sudden shortages and lessening the impact of rising energy costs.
  5. Propane autogas vehicles require less maintenance and fewer repairs than diesel vehicles. This keeps your fleet on the road instead of in the shop!
  6. Autogas is a proven technology. It’s already on the road in the U.S. and across the globe, powering vehicles and cutting emissions without a strain on the increasingly fragile electric grid.

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Why on-site fueling makes a difference

Coordinating and maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a complicated job. And making sure they are reliably fueled is a full-time assignment by itself. Think about how many hours are wasted sending your vehicles to the service station to fill up. Think of the unnecessary miles driven, not to mention all the time dedicated to collecting, approving and reimbursing receipts from your drivers.

Move your fuel supply on-site, and you will never have to worry about these headaches and lost hours again. Your fleet can refill at your place of business and be back on the road in no time. Plus, you only need to manage one propane vendor.

If you are interested in installing propane autogas dispensers for your fleet of vehicles, contact us to discuss your options.