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Agricultural and Commercial Propane Services

Clean-burning, efficient fuel for your NM or AZ business — when you need it!

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In Magdalena and Quemado in New Mexico, Springerville and Snowflake in Arizona, and countless other communities, Sierra Propane is the most dependable fuel provider for businesses, municipalities, building sites, and farms. We offer a wide array of commercial propane services, which we customize to your business’s needs.

Unlike huge multinational corporations, Sierra Propane is committed to the service area we know so well — the one we have served for 40 years. Your success is our top priority. You can be confident that we’ll develop of fueling plan that’s right for you. And when you need us for a last-minute fill-up, your call will be answered by a team member at a local office in your area, ready to help!

Here are some of the commercial and agricultural services we offer:

Bulk Propane

Do you need bulk propane for a restaurant, hotel or laundromat? What about crop drying capabilities for a farm? We can deliver propane and install tanks up to 30,000 gallons for these and many other commercial uses. Then we can connect them for heating, hot water, power generation and many other purposes. Our technicians even have experience connecting tanks to equipment for cannabis farms.

Forklift Propane Cylinders

Propane forklifts offer the power of a diesel-powered model and the low emissions of an electric model. When you have a ready supply of forklift cylinders on hand, your warehouse, work site or distribution hub will never slow down. We offer two forklift propane options:

With both options, we will handle installation and expert training for your staff.

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Temporary Heat Solutions

Sierra Propane is your go-to provider of temporary heat solutions for your farm, construction site or other commercial venture. We sell and rent propane-powered Salamander heating units, which we can connect to a fuel tank and arrange as you need. And, if you have your own portable heating, we can connect a propane tank to it. Then you can have confidence that your workers will be safe, your crops and cattle thriving and your construction will be on track.

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Cylinder Exchange Program

Gas stations, hardware stores, RV parks and many other businesses can benefit from having a propane cylinder exchange or refill station on site. You will attract new customers, becoming the one-stop shop for RV, grill and fire pit fuel. We offer two options for propane cylinder stations:

Sierra Propane will handle the setup and provide expert training for your employees.


Ready to go green! Propane autogas is a low-emission vehicle fuel alternative to diesel or gasoline, and we can set you up with an onsite propane autogas dispenser. You’ll experience almost immediate savings with economical, energy-efficient propane. Also, having fuel pumps on-site saves you the wasted time of sending your fleet vehicles to a service station. It’s an all-around winner!

Have questions about any of Sierra Propane’s commercial services? Drop us a line today, and we’ll happily answer them.