Why Isn’t My Propane Tank Full After Delivery?

The Sierra Propane team ensures safe and efficient propane deliveries.

propane tank 80/20 rule Cibola county, nm The New Mexico and Arizona households we serve can always count on Sierra Propane for dependable propane delivery they don’t have to worry about. With our free Auto Fill program, you don’t even need to contact us for your fuel. Our state-of-the-art system tracks your propane consumption, and we preemptively schedule a delivery right when you need it.

From Snowflake, AZ, to Magdalena, NM — and plenty of other towns in our service area — our customers trust us to fill their propane tanks before they run low. Sometimes, they have questions about the fill percentage on the tank gauge. We want to clarify why your gauge sometimes seems lower than expected after a propane delivery.

Reading your propane tank gauge

On top of your home’s propane tank, there’s a small dome. This is a lid that covers your tank gauge. When you lift it, you’ll see a gauge resembling a speedometer with numbers from 5 to 95. You can read this gauge to confirm the percentage fill of your tank.

A tank gauge measures the volume of your propane (how much space it takes up) using a float on the end of a stem.

The relationship between propane and temperature

Forgive us if there’s a little bit of high school chemistry talk here. Propane is delivered and stored as a liquid, and the volume of the propane is largely dependent on outside temperatures. Like water, propane expands as the temperature rises. But propane’s volume increases nearly 17 times the volume of water over the same temperature increase.

When temperatures drop, some people may reasonably wonder if they received the right amount of propane. Consider this scenario:

If you have any questions about your tank’s fill percentage when we deliver your propane, feel free to speak with our driver. We’ll confirm precisely how many gallons were added to your tank.

The 80-20 fill rule

The volume expansion that propane experiences in hot weather also presents a safety concern. You might notice we never fill your propane tank higher than 80%. This is a standard safety practice for propane companies. Leaving 20% of your tank empty allows your fuel to safely expand when outdoor temperatures rise.

Sierra Propane provides total peace of mind.

Our experienced team is always at your service, providing ways to ensure total confidence in your home’s propane supply, including Auto Fill, convenient tank leasing and even wireless tank monitoring services.

To take advantage of Sierra Propane’s fantastic slate of propane delivery services, reach out to us today.

Propane Delivery for Your Restaurant

Our high-quality fuel powers gas cooktops, ovens and other commercial kitchen equipment.

propane for restaurant Quemado, NM Exciting new restaurants are opening daily from Snowflake, Arizona, to Magdalena, New Mexico, and plenty of cities and towns in between. Whether you run a mainstay burger joint, a diner with amazing breakfast burritos or a bistro where every couple celebrates their anniversary, there’s a decent chance that you need propane in some capacity.

At Sierra Propane, we proudly deliver bulk propane to restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico. This premium fuel powers equipment for many of our service area’s most popular dining spots!

Commercial kitchen equipment

Professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer cooking with gas over electricity. Propane can power cooktops, stoves, vat fryers, griddles, grills, steam cookers and warming stations.

Propane cooking equipment offers some fantastic benefits for commercial kitchens, including:

And Energy Star-rated propane kitchen equipment offers some of the best energy savings. Consider these improvement percentages over standard appliances.

[Source: Propane Education & Research Council]

In short, if there’s a product that roasts, sears, fries, grills, flambés, warms or steams food at your restaurant, propane can fuel it!

Water heating equipment

A restaurant needs more than cooking appliances to provide an appealing dining experience. Commercial kitchens and dining rooms require ample hot water to wash dishes, pots, pans, utensils, tablecloths and other essential items.

When you need robust hot water for your restaurant, propane fits the bill. A propane water heater can generate roughly double the amount of water in an hour that an electric water heater of the same capacity can. And propane water heaters save you space too. You can get the same water delivery from a 40-gallon propane unit as a 50-gallon electric unit.

Heating for outdoor dining

When you have al fresco diners at your restaurant, you want to ensure they stay comfortable even when the evenings get chilly. Propane patio heaters can deliver robust warmth for up to 10 hours with a single 20-pound cylinder. And these products provide a wide sphere of radiant heat — up to a 25-foot radius!

Restaurant décor

Restaurant owners and managers who want their guests captivated can’t go wrong with decorative fire features powered by propane. These stunning amenities include:

These fire displays are clean-burning, easy to turn on and off and can be powered affordably.

Sierra Propane is here for your Arizona or New Mexico restaurant.

Propane is an efficient, eco-friendly, American-made fuel that works with countless systems and appliances for your restaurant. Sierra Propane’s team offers dependable fuel delivery and expert propane equipment services . Our trained and experienced team can be your full-service commercial fuel partner.

Get in touch with Sierra Propane today, and we can start developing a restaurant fuel plan tailored to your specific business.

What Is Propane Made Of?

propane arizonaSierra Propane has provided top-notch propane delivery service to households in Snowflake, AZ, Magdalena, NM, and other communities in our service area for four decades.

We get a lot of questions from customers about the fuel we deliver. Where does propane come from? What’s in it? How is propane different from natural gas? We are always more than happy to give you the facts about this efficient, affordable, American-made fuel.

How is propane made?

Most propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and crude oil refining, but some also comes from organic and recycled products. About 90 percent of the propane used in our country is U.S.-made. Indeed, we export more propane than we use.

Here’s a breakdown of what your propane is made of and where it comes from.

Propane extracted with natural gas

Over three-quarters of American propane comes from natural gas production. Natural gas wells extract other fuels, such as butane, ethane and pentane. The largest co-product is propane. To avert condensation in pipelines meant for natural gas, propane must be separated from liquid compounds during this process.

Propane produced during oil refining

When crude oil is refined into various petroleum products, propane can be extracted. During the stabilization phase of the refining process, heavier hydrocarbons fall to the bottom, and lighter hydrocarbons, including propane, rise to the top. From there, propane can be extracted for separate use.

Renewable propane and other innovative blends

Though not in wide use today, renewable propane production is growing quite a bit with each passing year.

This product is chemically identical to conventional propane, meaning you don’t have to modify equipment to use it. But just as conventional propane is a co-product of oil and natural gas production, renewable propane can be considered a co-product of biofuel production. Renewable propane is made using some of the same organic and recycled feedstocks as biofuel. These include the following:

Many of the feedstocks are waste products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Renewable propane is carbon neutral at the point of combustion, adding no new carbon to the atmosphere.

Is propane the same as natural gas?

Understandably, many customers confuse natural gas and propane. They’re part of the same production process and function similarly in gas-powered systems and appliances. They’re even scented with the same odor. But they are very different fuels.

Propane is denser than natural gas and can be compressed into a liquid form for storage in propane tanks and transportation in trucks, railcars and portable cylinders.

Natural gas is primarily composed of methane, which is lighter than air. (Propane is methane-free.) Consequently, natural gas must be delivered via utility pipes. Propane also produces more than double the heat energy per cubic foot of natural gas!

Are you looking for dependable propane delivery in Cibola, Catron and Socorro counties in New Mexico, and Navajo and Apache counties in Arizona? Join the family of satisfied Sierra Propane customers!

How To Be Ready for a Winter Propane Delivery

Our drivers appreciate your help when there’s snow and ice

propane delivery new mexico Our propane delivery trucks are on the road virtually non-stop these days. In Cibola, Catron, and Socorro counties in New Mexico and Navajo and Apache counties in Arizona, households are counting on Sierra Propane to provide the fuel that powers their heating, hot water generation, and major appliances.

Demand is high, as it always is this time of year. Dropping temperatures are making snowy and icy conditions more likely. This all adds up to a challenging situation for our drivers. But you can help us make your propane delivery quickly and safely by taking four simple steps. This will ensure you get your fuel on time and keep our team on schedule.

1. Shovel and salt your driveway.

If there’s ice or snow on your driveway, it’s imperative that you shovel it and put salt or sand down before our driver arrives. Our drivers need a nine- to 10-foot-wide clear path to maneuver. Also, we must be able to safely secure wheel chocks (the tire wedges that prevent trucks from rolling back) when parking on inclines.

Finally, it’s incredibly helpful to mark the borders of your driveway in case snow has covered them.

2. Ensure that your house number is visible.

To be able to fill your propane tank, we need to be able to find your house. This can be hard when branches and snow cover your house number, especially with the sun setting so early at this time of the year. We appreciate it when homeowners clear anything that blocks the number on their house and turn on their exterior lights.

3. Create an open path to your propane tank.

If you really want to make our driver’s day, leave the gate to your property open and clear any snow, ice, vegetation or debris that could block the way to your tank. (Be sure your pet is inside if the gate is open.) This will give our team members an unobstructed pathway for their hose.

4. Go automatic!

Sierra Propane offers customers free Auto Fill delivery. When you enroll in this service, you don’t have to check a tank gauge ever again. Plus, you don’t need to worry about running out of fuel on a cold winter night. The Sierra Propane team calculates your fuel usage based on weather forecasts and the types of propane appliances in your home. Then we deliver propane before your run low.

Having customers on Auto Fill delivery also helps us to manage our delivery schedules and ensure that all our customers stay warm.

Sierra Propane — Four decades keeping you warm and comfortable!

Since 1983, the Sierra Propane team has delivered premium fuel and peace of mind to New Mexico and Arizona families. We see it as our family serving your family. During the heating season, that means consistently showing up when our customers need propane to stay warm. It’s a commitment we always keep in our hearts.

Reach out to our team today to become a propane delivery customer.

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Since 1983, Sierra Propane has been providing dependable propane delivery, appliance services and commercial fueling to families and businesses across New Mexico and Arizona. A lot has changed in four decades, but not our dedication to keeping our customers safe and comfortable.

One thing that is different from when we opened shop is how much of daily life is done online. While customers still love speaking to our friendly team members in Magdalena, Quemado, Snowflake and our other local offices, we nonetheless want to make sure you can find everything you need on our site.

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