Can You Install a Propane Tank Yourself?

Propane tank leasing is a 100 percent stress-free option.

propane tanks Magdalena, NM If you’ve ever attached a portable propane cylinder to your grill, then connecting fuel to your gas-powered devices might seem incredibly simple. But there’s a big difference between tightening a pressure regulator onto a cylinder valve and connecting all your home’s systems and appliances to a stationary propane tank.

Whether you’re switching propane providers, replacing an aging fuel tank or adding propane to your home for the first time, you may wonder if you can install your own tank. Installing a fuel tank is a complex process, particularly if you need to excavate land, and connecting it can pose many safety concerns. That’s why so many households in New Mexico’s Cibola, Catron and Socorro counties and Arizona’s Navajo and Apache counties trust Sierra Propane with their tank installations.

Why propane tank installation is better left to the pros

We understand the inclination to tackle home projects yourself. But there are important reasons that the overwhelming majority of homeowners turn to trained, certified propane technicians for tank installation. These include the following:

  1. Propane Safety — Propane is a safe fuel when your tank and gas lines are correctly installed. But if there is a leak due to a poor connection or ruptured equipment, you’ll face a severe fire and safety hazard.
  2. Physical Demands — Before your tank goes into place, you may need to level the ground or add a concrete slab. And propane tanks can be heavy and cumbersome. It’s better to have a professional team that’s done the work before.
  3. Experience with Tank Sizes — Professional propane technicians can help you select the best tank for your home’s needs so you don’t end up requiring constant propane deliveries for too-small storage.
  4. Regulations — Propane tank placement is subject to many state and local regulations. We have plenty of background on these codes and can ensure they your home complies.
  5. Money Matters — The cost of fixing tank issues and bad connections to propane appliances could more than offset any savings you had from installing your own tank.

Propane tank installation services we offer

When you choose Sierra Propane as your home fuel partner, you receive the benefit of decades spent serving homes in Arizona and New Mexico. Our team will identify the best tank for your needs and can install it for you.

Most Sierra customers choose to lease a propane tank from us. As long as you receive fuel from Sierra Propane, we will handle all the upkeep and logistics associated with your tank. This includes installation, routine maintenance and repairs. If your propane needs increase, we can also switch out your tank for a larger size.

And you don’t even need to worry about the cost of installation. New customers receive a free tank setup, leak check and gas system safety check. Plus, we give you a discount on your first propane fill!

Reach out to Sierra Propane now to become a customer.