Are Propane Forklifts Efficient?

Are Propane Forklifts Efficient?

Boost productivity at your warehouse, distribution center or work site.

propane forklifts Snowflake, AZ If you manage a business requiring heavy lifting and moving, you know the importance of having a well-maintained, dependable, safe forklift fleet. Ever since the first forklift started rolling in 1917, the way we have powered them has evolved.

Propane has powered forklifts since the 1950s and remains an incredibly popular energy source today. Here are some ways that propane forklifts offer efficiency and productivity to Sierra Propane customers.

Indoor and Outdoor Operations

We know from experience that commercial enterprises often need their forklifts to work both indoors and outdoors. That presents a problem for gasoline, diesel and electric forklifts. Gas and diesel motors generate combustion byproducts that render them unsafe for indoor use. Electric forklifts can’t operate well in wet conditions.

A well-maintained propane forklift will meet or exceed nationwide indoor air quality standards, and you won’t need to worry about the rain when it runs outside.

Consistent Power

Electric forklifts slow down as their battery power runs out. This fade can be especially apparent when they are carrying heavier loads or traveling up inclines. But you do not see any fade with a propane forklift. Propane forklifts operate at full capacity until their last drop of fuel.

Forklift Downtime

Even a perfectly maintained forklift isn’t much good if it has no power. While both a fully-powered battery and a full forklift propane cylinder will typically power a forklift for about eight hours, propane vehicles generally have less downtime. An electric forklift may require significant recharging time, costing you valuable working hours. With a propane forklift, your employee only needs to exchange the empty cylinder for a full one. There’s virtually no downtime.

Upfront Costs

Investing in a propane forklift fleet is typically much less expensive than an electric forklift fleet. You won’t need to pay for pricy items like additional batteries or charging stations. You can also rest easy knowing that propane’s price tends to be more stable than other energy sources (and lower than diesel and gasoline). That’s because propane is a predominately U.S.-produced fuel, which somewhat insulates it from the ups and downs of global energy markets.

Sierra Propane has forklift propane cylinder solutions.

Businesses in Cibola, Catron and Socorro counties in New Mexico and Navajo and Apache counties in Arizona trust Sierra Propane to keep their forklift fleets moving without interruption. We have developed two time-tested forklift propane programs for these operations:

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