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Planning your Temporary Heating for Winter

Planning your Temporary Heating for Winter Construction sites, farms and other businesses rely on propane-fired temp heat. The nights in Springerville, Snowflake, Magdalena, Quemado and other Arizona and New Mexico communities are getting pretty frigid these days. If you run a business that conducts overnight operations outdoors, then temporary heating is a must. At Sierra […]

Is Your Propane Gas Stove Safe?

Is Your Propane Gas Stove Safe? Unpacking the recent debate about gas ranges. In a recent survey, an astonishing 96 percent of professional chefs said their preferred cooking fuel was gas. If you poke your head into almost any professional kitchen, you’ll see rows of gas flames. At Sierra Propane, we can attest that New […]

Why Isn’t My Propane Tank Full After Delivery?

The Sierra Propane team ensures safe and efficient propane deliveries. The New Mexico and Arizona households we serve can always count on Sierra Propane for dependable propane delivery they don’t have to worry about. With our free Auto Fill program, you don’t even need to contact us for your fuel. Our state-of-the-art system tracks your […]

Propane Delivery for Your Restaurant

Propane Delivery for Your Restaurant Our high-quality fuel powers gas cooktops, ovens and other commercial kitchen equipment. Exciting new restaurants are opening daily from Snowflake, Arizona, to Magdalena, New Mexico, and plenty of cities and towns in between. Whether you run a mainstay burger joint, a diner with amazing breakfast burritos or a bistro where […]

What Is Propane Made Of?

What Is Propane Made Of? Sierra Propane has provided top-notch propane delivery service to households in Snowflake, AZ, Magdalena, NM, and other communities in our service area for four decades. We get a lot of questions from customers about the fuel we deliver. Where does propane come from? What’s in it? How is propane different […]

How To Be Ready for a Winter Propane Delivery

How To Be Ready for a Winter Propane Delivery Our drivers appreciate your help when there’s snow and ice Our propane delivery trucks are on the road virtually non-stop these days. In Cibola, Catron, and Socorro counties in New Mexico and Navajo and Apache counties in Arizona, households are counting on Sierra Propane to provide […]

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Welcome to the All-New Sierra Propane Website

New features, easier navigation, more information — all with you in mind Since 1983, Sierra Propane has been providing dependable propane delivery, appliance services and commercial fueling to families and businesses across New Mexico and Arizona. A lot has changed in four decades, but not our dedication to keeping our customers safe and comfortable. One […]